May I introduce you…

This year I started a new education, since 4 weeks I’m studying at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. My first real assignment is a project from FontysFit. We had to make a trend analyse for them so they could introduce some Cool, new activities for their employees. Afters some research I realised that they already had some Cool things on their list. That’s how I found out about DirectLife.

DirectLife is a program that helps you to be more active and fit during your day. First you’ll receive an activity monitor, you have to activate it on the internet. They ask you a lot of things like: heights, weight etc. Then you have to wear you Activity Monitor all week and do nothing strange, just the regular things. After one week you can see if you are fit and active enough conform the standards of the World Health Organization. If you’re not, there’s a virtual coach who can help you setting up a plan. When you’re wearing the activity monitor, everything will be recorded. So you have to move and exercise a lot. You can see you stats at the monitor but also on the internet. And when you’re on the internet you can compare you stats with others.

Why is it Cool?

It is Cool because it’s specially made for companies. All the employees who will join will be stimulated to move more. Movement is healthy and this will improve your happiness. But the most fun part is that you can compare your stats with others, so also other employees of your company. So it’s going to be challenging and I know that you want to move more when you will be joining DirectLife. It’s going to be a  contest, even if you’re not doing any sports!


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