This week I went shopping for some shampoo and toothpaste. But I ran into some really weird package of shower gel. It wasn’t just a normal bottle but it was a bag with shower gel in it. First I thought it was just a new package, but it’s a refill bag. So that’s good for the environment, but this shower gel is also good for you: Sanex Zero%.

What it is

Sanex Zero% helps restore the natural balance of dry skin protecting it against drying out condition. Other brands use more and more chemical products in their products, more than it is necessary. This is really bad for our own skin and also for our environment. These ‘bad’ shower gels remove the essential oils of our skin. This shower gel isn’t. The new Sanex Zeor% contains only the ingredients that you need to hydrate your skin and keeps it healthy. Sanex Zero% is also better for the environment because they have refill bags – so less trash – AND it is proved and developed in cooperation with the European Ecolabel Foundation. They tested Sanex Zero% at:

– Minimal impact at the aquatic ecosystem

– Its biological degradability

– Minimal production of trash

Why it’s Cool

Sanex is now really doing something with the environment. Everybody knows that you should think at the environment, but nobody is really doing it. I think it is a Cool product because it is good for my own skin. Normally after showering I really have a dry skin and sometimes it really itches. This product only contains the most important and clean ingredients that you need for a clean and healthy skin. And last but not least: the Eco refill package contains 73% less plastic than a regular bottle.

PS. And if you really want to be ecologic in the shower, don’t shower more than 5 minutes!


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