I ♥ …

You guys now know what web 2.0 is. It’s a interaction on the internet. Now I found a really Cool website. Fashiolista.com! Here you can post some really Cool products and ‘wanna haves’. Share your Cool things on the internet and give a response to others.

What it is

fashiolista.com is a fashion portal designed to inspire women, help them discover fabulous items and share their style. The users of Fashiolista pick or discover items on different fashion websites. Other users can then see the items and give them more love. Just like Twitter, users are able to follow other users who they believe to have great fashion sense. Anyone who has great fashion sense, can be an inspiration for the fashion audience.

Why it’s Cool

First: because it’s from Holland! AND it’s a really original concept, now you only get the right and Cool products. Normally a brand has a lot of different styles and sometime

s you just bump into a Cool thing. Now these (really!) Cool things are collected and you’ll use your time more efficient. Now you have more time for other things, like school, your job and other things. Because unfornately we do live in a stress society.


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