Run, Forrest, Run!


What it is

Nike+ is a sensor in your Nike+ ready shoe, this sensor will connect you with your iPhone or iPod and it will track the distance, calories, pace and time during a run or sync with gym equipment. There are four ways to run with Nike+: the iPod Nano, Nike+ Sportband, iPod Touch, and now the iPhone 3GS and 4GS. You can also join competitions on the internet, or share your routes with everyone. Run a route the fastest or most frequently, and you’ll score the Route Boss title and a spot on the leaderboard. You can also connect with social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Why it’s Cool

This is a really Cool way to record your running pattern. The result is that you’ll be more motivated to run more, because of all the information you get, the more interesting it is going to be. You can’t stand still. Apple and Nike are really strong brands: they ARE Cool, you can’t deny that. And: There are currently almost 2 million Nike+ members, and as of January 2009, Nike+ members have logged more than 100 million miles, the equivalent of 200 trips to the moon. There are also activities on the internet, which you can join. For example: there’s a graffiti run, everywhere you pass by, you let behind your personal ‘graffiti’. Or you can compete with others, like in the province competition of Holland. So run to your nearest sports shop and buy Nike+.

For more information you can also run to: Nike+

Web 2.0

Here you can challenge others all over the world:




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