Opening a book about…




What it is:

Shelfari is your own online bookshelf. It shows all the books you already have read. And it shows the books that you’ve planned to read: the books that are already in your property. But it also let somebody see the book(s) that you are reading right now. When you’ve filled your bookshelf, everybody else can see your books. And when you doubt about reading a book, you can look in somebody else’s bookshelf if it is worth reading.

The list of books from Shelfari is really extended, the most well known books are on it, but also unknown and foreign books will be able to choose. I even found some Dutch books. And when you’re reading a book from your study, you can also add this book to your bookshelf. When you’ve read the book you can score this so other people can see the average rate of a book.

Now you can also link your Facebook account to Shelfari. Meet other friends and their bookshelfs.

Why it’s Cool 

I have read a lot of books the past 15 years, and when somebody else asks if someone knows a good book, I think: ‘Yes, I do! But what book was that? Now you can easily make a list of your books. The Cool thing about Shelfari is that you don’t have a regular list of all the books that you’ve read/are reading/want to read. But it shows you the covers of the book in a real virtual bookshelf. When you add a book to your shelf you can choose your own cover, because every book has different covers, you can really choose that one that you’re really reading.

And when you’re doubted about reading a book: you can pick this book and ask everybody who has already read this book, if it is worth reading. I’m sure that somebody will answer and will give you an excellent advice.

Are you curious to my bookshelf? Watch it here

Plus: I like books, not the e-readers but the real books: it gives me an authentic feeling. That’s another reason why it’s Cool. Are you of the same mind? Please leave a message or your opinion. Thanks!


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