Crazy dinner

If you’ve never done this before, than you really should! You can dinner crazy at different places all over the world. I did this a couple of years ago with my teammates. Everybody can conceive ‘crazy dinner’ different, but I mean crazy dinner like this:

What it is

When you’re at the restaurant where it all happens: you first fill in some riddles, then you need to solve a cryptic crossword. For example: Someone with a down-to-earth approach. And than you have to choose the right answer (from some given solutions).

You have like 10 cryptic crosswords. They determine:

1 What you eat (entree, main course, dessert etc.),

2 When you eat (first course, second course, third course etc.),

3 And how you will eat it (with a knife, spoon, fork etc.).

When you answer right you will get it at the right time or with the right reckoning.

Why it’s Cool

Because it’s a new dimension of eating. Normally we’re doing everything the same. Now we’re thinking (or eating) out of the box. This is good for breaking your daily habits. And it is FUN! When you filled in the riddles, you can’t wait to see if you did answer right. And if you didn’t… You will be ‘punished’, but then on the Cool way. It’s also nice to see what other filled in, so you can laugh with each other about your food.

PS. The answer of the cryptic crossword example was skydiver. Did you guess right or do you have to eat your soup with fork and knife?


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