Saying Grace is Cool here

Two weeks ago I went to Antwerp, and I saw this little cafe. It was right next to the Cathedral of Our Lady. And it was full with statues of saints.

What is it

This is restaurant ‘het Kathedraalcafe’ (the Cathedralcafe). In this restaurant you can find more than 400 sacred statues. But the restaurant is for everyone, you don’t have to be religious, you can also come just for the experience.

They sell a lot of different beers, named after famous Catholics. They even have a Salad Maria Magdalena, or you can choose a Menu named after St. Benedictus.

Why it’s Cool

I think it is Cool because the restaurant really is attracting people. The church is losing followers, but I think it is really Cool when you go and drink or eat here at this restaurant. There is a lot to see when you’re here, and it is really special if you’ll visit this cafe: you will never forget it. The restaurant is very aware of its radiance. Their concept and vision are really clear and strong: you recognize the concept in everything you see. This makes the restaurant special and a must see.


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