A piggery for human

We (people from Limburg province from the Netherlands) all know Rowwen Hèze, but I think that everyone in the world should know them. Rowwen Hèze is a band from Horst-America. They are one of the biggest bands singing in a northern dialect of Limburgish. Rowwen Hèze play many different kinds of music, including sensitive ballads, folk, fanfare and tex-mex.

What is it

The experience is not about the music, but about visiting the concert. But not the music is that special, although they have also proved themselves internationally (they played already at Pinkpop, Lowlands, Roskilde). The band has the reputation of being a true party band. During their performances, a lot of beer throwing often takes place. And especially their ending concert is well known: fans everywhere from Holland travel to the small village America (2.130 inhabitants and 25.000 visitors at the concert!)

Why it’s Cool

Especially the ending concert of the season is really unique. Now I can show you a picture of the concert, but to really experience it you have to visit it, but you can also watch a video. The visitors of the concert are really crazy (and most of the time drunk): they throw beer, write on each other with cattle pens (for marking cows), men are ripping shirts from other guys and there are some friendly mosh pits. But everything is with the right intentions: If you don’t want that other people rip your shirt off, than they don’t, they really ask. And if you fall everyone will help you getting up. Everyone is dancing with each other and no one is irritated. We don’t bother about the flying beer or the sweating guys, that’s why we sometimes call it a piggery.


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