Chicken tonight

Experience eating chickensoup between living chickens, maybe you will be eating the father or mom from your little friends.

I already told you about the event Menu 2010. The goal of the event is making people conscious about where food is coming from.  The event is designed and created by artists, so you see a lot of creative concepts. One of them was this little stand.

What is it. 

It is a stand where you can buy chickensoup. It is a really cosy and nostalgic stand. What’s most remarkable are the living chickens inside a table. It’s like a coop inside the table. The picture means more than my words.

Why it’s Cool

My first reaction about it was: AHH and OHH that’s so cute, what a cosy stand. But when you think about it is a little bit conflicting. Nevertheless chickensoup is made of chicken. But that is the aim of the artists: know what you eat. But actually it is also meant to sell the soup. There they create a  new dilemma: will you buy the chickensoup because it’s such a great and original stand OR will you wait and make a simple cup-a-soup at home. What will you choose?


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