Menu 2010

A few weeks ago there was an event in Horst, my little town where I live. Normally there aren’t special events, because it’s a regular village in Limburg, the Netherlands. Most of our citizens aren’t conscious of other cultures and technologies, it doesn’t bother them. But now they did: menu 2010 made us conscious from what we are eating. Menu 2010 is a travelling culture festival. It last 5 weekends in 5 different places and there are 25 artists involved with. They talk and visualize about food, identity and the power of imagination. The artists show us their view at the DNA of this region: the agro- and foodsector. With the power of their imagination they create a bazaar for new ideas, opinions and open discussions.

Menu 2010 is the cultural precursor of the world exhibition ‘Floriade’ that will be in 2012 in North-Limburg.

Here you can see a visual recapitulation of the event: Menu 2010. Main goal: make people conscious of food, where is it from?


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