Want to play?

Do you like tennis? Maybe we can play against each other. And do you still want to if you’re like 211 meters up high?

What it is

In Dubai there’s a tennis court on the helipad of the hotel, 211 meters above the ground. The tennis court is at the Burj Al Arab sailboat hotel in Dubai. I think you know it when you see it at the picture.

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played the first match at the court. There’s not even a fence around theme, but there are nets if you will fall accidentally. That’s why the tennis court only was used by Agassi and Federer. Normally it is used for helicopters. But there are also pictures where Tiger Woods is hitting a ball. So maybe you can still golf here.

Why it’s Cool

I do like to play a match in tennis. But I don’t know if I dare to play at this hotel. When you are standing up here you know that there is nothing next to the field. When you hit a ball too hard: you have lost it, and you don’t know where it is. It must be a great feeling when you’re playing here. It will look like you’re on top of the world. This is what Agassi and Federer thought off.


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