Obsessed with apples

Laissez-vouz tenter et entrez dans le monde de la pomme. And for the ones that don’t understand French: Let yourself be tempted and enter into the world of apples.

What it is

In Paris there’s a restaurant called Pomze. And if you know that a pomme is an apple in French. Than you know that this restaurant has something to do with apples. But this restaurant has everything to do with apples. The fruit is the core ingredient in every single starter, main course, the dessert and also the drink. The drink list is only about apples and includes some interesting ciders and liquors that use the perfect regional pomze.

Why it’s Cool

I want to go to this restaurant! And not only because of the fact that apples are my favourite fruit. But I am also curious about the food and drinks! I think it’s an original concept, and it is some kind of art to only cook with apples. You still have to come up with new ideas just to keep your customers, and Pomze does.



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