Toys are not just for kids. Toys are us!

I think everyone knows Toys“R”Us. But when you visit Toys“R”Us in Holland it’s a total other experience than you will visit it in New York. Last Summer I went to New York and I got in by coincidence at the Toys“R”Us at Times Square.

What it is

Toys“R”Us is a kids store for toys, video games, dolls, action figures and more. Everyone knows Toys“R”Us, but I think that most of you don’t know what their stores look like. It’s like you’re in a movie, or dreaming that you’re in a kind of superworld. When you enter the store you see a big Ferris Wheel which has 14 individually themed cabs so guest can ride along with their favourite toys and characters. When you enter the store you have al kind of brands that are selling their product. But it is not so normal. The store is themed with all kinds of toys: from the World of Willy Wonka to the LEGO shop – were the famous skyline from NY is constructed from LEGO bricks. You also have a Barbie Dollhouse,  Candy Land and so on.

Why it’s Cool

Every brand has its own department and when you enter it is is like you’re in their world. You do something with their products and not only buy it: you really experience it. For example. The Jurrassic Park World: when you enter their floor you will first pass a 20-foot-high and 34-foot-long T-Rex, and when you pass the floor shakes guest with the powerful roar of the T-Rex. Behind the mighty monster you can choose from a variety of tools and toys.

But if you don’t like Jurrassic Park, there are all kind of other ‘worlds’. I think that everyone who has seen the movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory really wants to experience the wonderful world of Willy Wonka, well, here you can do it at Toys“R”Us at

Times Square!


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