Lifestyle week 2 – Dare

With my study International Lifestyle Studies we had an inspiring week. We’ve had a lifestyle week, this is for learning by doing. The challenge was to dare. We didn’t know what to expect, so you’re unprepared, this made it more exciting.

Wednesday – day 1

The weather forecasts weren’t good that day, the feeling temperature was -16 degrees Celsius. And everything we knew before was that we had to go to Son, and pack us warm in today. Wear a lot of different layers, and be protected to dirt, water and the cold. I arrived too late in Son because of the delayed train, so I missed the intro. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who was late so we started with a group. The mission was to survival and to cross your boundaries! Brrrr.

It was really bad that it was that cold outside. We went climbing up in trees, but our hands were so cold that you didn’t have that much grip. But the challenges were really excited. We had to work in a team and I didn’t know the rest of our group. We had to do a lot of exercises where you had to trust the group, for example: climbing up a ladder en let you fall in the arms of the rest. But I didn’t know them so that was the first challenge. Then we had to climb a lot, which was really exciting, the most challenging thing was to climb up a 7 metres high tree and at the top you had to stand at a small piece of wood. The tree was really shaking and it was hard to get up at your feet. But I just tried it, unfortunately I fell, but I’m glad I tried. I was the only one of the group who got up. Further we had to do a lot of other challenging exercises and a lot of teamwork. I really crossed my boundaries.

Thursday – day 2

This day we got other groups and it was another surprise what to do today. We heard yesterday that we had to go to Rotterdam. And when we arrived at 9.30 we had to make a picture of the group and e-mail it to the crisis team. Then we should receive our first assignment.

This was to make a daring assignment for a group in Rotterdam. Luckily we had a guy in our group who was from Rotterdam. So he knew the best and inspiring places there. We first went to Coffee Company and there we warmed up our frozen fingers and toes. We created the first assignments and then we checked if they were reliable. Then we went to some other place, it was really cold outside (it seemed even colder than yesterday). And there we wrote the rest of the assignments. We worked everything out and this was the result.

Exiting day in the city Part 1

Assignment 1. Find @ccrotterdam, follow this twitter account and find the location of the first assignment. Search inside @ccrotterdam at #ilslsw, did you find the hashtag then you will receive the first description to the second assignment.

Assignment 2. Make an artwork at @ccrotterdam and bring it to location number 2. Try to expose it here, make a tweetpic of it and post it at #ilslsw Show some guts.

Assignment 3. Take the tram to Wilhelminaplein and visit the Erasmusbrug. Make a picture of what makes Rotterdam unique and show the pictures at @ccrotterdam. When you did the assignment right, then you’ll hear the last part. (This was to bake some Dutch Doughnuts.)

We made some appointments with the crew of Coffee Company, so they had to make all assignments. The assignments were full of dare. Normally you don’t do something like this and it is excited to do some things sneaky. Or ask for some weird things, not everybody will trust you so you have to convince them. There were some risks at our assignments, but we thought it was worth trying. If it didn’t work out, than they at least show some courage. We think that our assignments were cool, doable, challenging and will help them with the teamwork. This will make it a memorable memory.

Friday – day 3

Friday we went to Nijmegen and had to do the assignment from an other group! This was exciting because you don’t know what to expect! We first had to make a rebus and then went to a shop that was the solution. We had to go to So What, a tattooshop. But happily we didn’t have to tattoo ourselves, but there was a package hidden under a Christmas tree. In it was a pen and the next assignment. We had to write the word ‘lifestyle’ on 5 bellys of strange people and photograph it. This was really hard because of privacy and the cold, nobody wanted this on their belly. But fortunately we found 5 people who wanted it on their arm. Then we had to trade the pen 5 times for a better item. We went to different shops and we went from a pen to – some accessory for the car – a MacDonalds toy – a ‘Sinterklaas’ bag – sunglasses. The last item we had to photograph it in some store, we had to do it sneaky, but we asked the owner if it was all right. It was so our job was done. The last task was to go to a shop called: Kwestie van lef (Issue of daring). Here we had to inspire ourselves for making a sign of our study International Lifestyle Studies and show it on the graffiti wall next to the shop. So we made a sign at paper and taped it at the wall. This was our last task and we went home after a few inspiring days.

Through these days we received some special tasks. From every task we had to make a picture and tweet it. These tasks were:

The first task was to make a living pyramid with your team and photograph it. We already went home because we had our jobs done, but we made a small pyramid in the train. There it was more warm and comfortable.

The second task was to act like a window figure and stand still in a real window. One team member of us made a picture together with Santa!

The third task was “make a picture of your team while doing a Jack-Ass stunt”. We acted like we some something cool and wanted to steel it. We also acted like we would jump of the stairs (with snow) in a bag. But this picture we scrapped.

The fourth assignment was to make a picture on the highest point of Rotterdam to get a nice view of the city.

I thought it was definitely a Exciting day in the City.


PS another challenge of me was to write this in English. I dared myself to make mistakes in my text (not on purpose of course).

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