Shoe condoms

If your shoes are precious than protect them well. And with these fancy condoms you won’t only protect them, you also pimp them up.

What it is

These are a kind of socks for your shoes with high heels, also known as heel condoms. They look like condoms and they cover you heel. You can easily put these condoms over your original heels. There are Prices are up to $39,-. So you can call it a cheap way to make your shoes special (again).

Why it’s Cool

It’s a simple and not so expensive way to play up your shoes. When your favourite stilettos are a bit damaged this is a creative way to hide this scratch or cut. And also when you want to wear something special on a special occasion, this is the ideal way to easy pimp your appearance.

These fit any stiletto type heels when they’re medium or high heel shoes. So these are just only for the real stilettofans. These condoms will guarantee you attention from colleagues, friends and family. Perfect for women who wants to be noticed.

This is also Cool because: at their website they give you a warning: *When placing condom on heel please be careful, used shoe caps can break the condom.


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