Watch TV on your own belly!

You think ‘huh’? But this is real! It has to do with augmented reality. Again a ‘huh’? Augmented reality is a new technology which is going to be really important in the future. Currently it isn’t that big and a lot of people don’t know what it is. Nowadays augmented reality is becoming more and more trendy, maybe you already know some examples but you didn’t know it was augmented reality. For example: Layar, an app for you iPhone, or Photo Booth at your Mac.

Augmented reality is actually a virtual layar at your (physic) reality. If you still don’t understand it than this is a good website for more information.

What it is

AR-Tees are augmented reality t-shirts. When you put this shirt on and you view through your webcam at the screen, your t-shirt is becoming alive. This movie gives you a good impression.

Why it’s Cool

This is a Cool product for Cool nerds. I think you’re the bomb when you’re wearing this shirt. Other people may not know what kind of special shirt you’re wearing. They just see a regular TV with some sign in it. If I didn’t know what the sign does mean and what it is able to, then I still think it’s a cool t-shirt: because of the tv.

The second reason why it’s Cool is because of the augmented reality part. I think it is very cool to experience the feeling of augmented reality. You see on the screen what is happening on your shirt but when you watch down then you don’t see anything happen. I think it’s pretty Cool that a regular sign can create a whole movie. Experiencing this, and feeling what’s the new technology is like, is just…. Cool and inspiring! What is possible with augmented reality?


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