Jeans for your phone

In my wardrobe I have a lot of old clothes that I can’t say goodbye to. Because they were my favourite but now they are a bit damaged. Or because I have good memories of them and the jeans doesn’t fit anymore.

This is a cool way to keep your memory alive, instead of it lying in your closet.

What is it

It’s a case for your iPhone, BlackBerry Bold or iPod touch made from your old pair of jeans. How it works: Order your Deadjeans Pocket online and you’ll receive a envelop in which to send in both of your back pockets. Fill in what kind of phone you have and you’ll get them back, reincarnated into a phone cover. So create your own unique cover and keep your jeans with memories with you.

Why it’s Cool

When you order this kind of phone cover you’re acting cradle to cradle, and keep the environment in mind. But for yourself I think it’s a nice way to re-use your favourite jeans. You bring a piece of yourself with you because it’s unique and you made your fabric the way it is.



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