The Bra Bag

Accidentally I ran into this product, it remembered me of someone, I thought she was a bit provocative and lowbrow. But this thing made me chuckle a bit.

What is it

It’s a kind of bag with departments to put in your bra. Sometimes I saw women putting things like money or their mobile phone in their bra. Sometimes you don’t want to bring a bag or wear boots where you can leave your wallet or cell phone. Carry all of your personal items discretely tucked in your bra. These are worn anchored to the bra by the elastic strap with a snap. Order them here.

Why it’s Cool

Although it’s a little bit unusual to put some things in your bra, this product is quit handy and practical. Sometimes when you’re a woman you don’t want to carry a bag all day long just because you need some money and your ID. Just putting it in your bra is just uncommon, but when you put it in a kind of bra bag than it’s a bit more normal.


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