Last week I went to Eindhoven, the designer city from the Netherlands. I walked next the Design Academy and was telling somebody about our cool city. I was looking for some cool new products for coolhunting and I was thinking about Eindhoven. But then suddenly I just received some inspiration: at the Design Academy they create new things and they’re conscious about needs and wants. So I watched their website and found this cool product.

What it is

A self-sufficient outdoor lamp operated by wind energy. The focus of the design was on the educational and experiential aspects of wind transformation, from a natural energy source into utilized light. The capacity of the wind is translated into light intensity. This goes through a weathercock, which is collecting the energy.

Why it’s Cool

WindyLight integrates wind collection and a light source into one element. We already know that we can make energy from wind, but I think it’s Cool because it’s 2 in 1. When you place these lights at the street for example, this is a really sustainable way of lighting you street. I think it is Cool that this is possible. And the lights are just special to watch because you just know that this doesn’t cost any electricity.

How it works


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