What do you do when you’re shoes are too old to wear? I usually give them away to developing countries. But some shoes are that bad that they can’t be used for the second time, then they will be thrown away. But imagine that you can put your old shoes under the ground and a new plant wil grow out of it. May I introduce you… the OAT shoe.

What it is

OAT Shoes is a new development in shoe design that includes biodegradable materials, so you leave no mark on the environment when you throw them out. Bury them in garden, woods or compost and nature will gobble them right up!

This shoe isn’t only ‘enviresponsible’, this shoe does also look good. Some sustainable products are just sustainable and not so fashionable. This shoe is attractive and also sportive.

Why it’s Cool

When this is possible with shoes, imagine what it could do if all your clothes will be recyclable. (Or maybe even with more things, like your old furniture or other waste.) When you realise that your clothes are thrown away and they pollute the environment that much, you want to find a simple way to be green. If you don’t want your clothes to be second hand, this is a beautiful solution to remove your old clothes.

Others think it’s Cool too: OAT shoes won the second prize at the Green Fashion Awards during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.


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