Recycling = fun

“Our green reflexes are often lost when a situation is unexpected”. So does the maker of the waste folder say. I think that’s true, we usually don’t want to make any effort to recycle your garbage into the right recycling bins. When you’re outside and you have some waste then you just throw it in the garbage can, but when you’re at home: probably you will sort your garbage. We always choose the simplest way, and the shortest route to the waste bin.

What it is

This is a waste folder that you can carry with you every day. It’s a simple folded waste bag, but not that normal. The bag includes different compartments in which you can organize your garbage. Each compartment is meant for different materials, like bottles, fruits, glass, papers, cans etcetera. This is an assistant for cleaning your mess and recycling it.

Why it’s Cool

I think this makes organizing you garbage Cool. It is a fun way to show your friends that you’re being sustainable. I think this is a Cool gadget for picnicking: the bag isn’t that ugly and when you produce a lot of garbage, it is an easy way to clean up your stuff. Imagine: you sitting on your picnic carpet with this waste folder. I think it’s a Cool way to show your friends that you’re green.


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