The dress that breathes

It is called world’s first air purifying dress. We’re talking about the dress ‘herself’, from a bigger project called catalytic clothing.

What it is

It’s a dress that is probably the world’s first air purifying dress. The textile can help eliminate certain pollutants from the air. It’s a highly experimental project between some universities. How the dress is made and with what kind of materials wasn’t published. The universities who are working on the project are still experimenting and exploring other kind of materials, I’m curious about their results.

Why it’s Cool

I really can’t imagine that these kinds of fabric are really doing something. That they breathe just as a normal person. Or actually breathing like a tree. It’s amazing if you imagine that you’re wearing something that is breathing and cleans the air for you. I think it’s really Cool that these designers are working on a project and exploring the possibilities of materials. What could our clothes do for us? This dress helps you breathe more beautifully. The question is: what else could materials do in the future?


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