Warning! Your t-shirt is saying something.

You only know eco fabrics or biologic materials? You only know fabrics that are made at the right way for the environment. Let me introduce you to fabrics who can measure the environment, and helps you being remembered at the air pollution.

What it is

Two graduate students in NYU created a shirt that changes colours when it detects unhealthy amounts of carbon monoxide in your setting. Here you can think of someone smoking in your surrounding or when you’re at the street with a lot of cars that also produce a lot of pollution.

There are currently just two shirts, one emblazoned with a heart and the other emblazoned with a pair of lungs. The organs have blue veins that glow when in contact with high levels of carbon monixode.


Why it’s Cool

This is how you can really set a statement about air pollution, when you’ll wear this shirt, you and your friends will be constantly be remembered about our air pollution. Fashion isn’t only functional, now they are also meaningful!

Next up, says one of the designers, is alcohol sensing clothing whose liver lights up when you get too drunk. Here you can see their website.


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