Self Heating drinks and food

Because we live in such a busy and crowded world, sometimes we want to do more than we can do because of the time. A day has 24 hours and we’re asleep 7 hours. That means that our day includes 17 hours of time which we can fill up with our ‘to do’s’.

Because so much is possible nowadays, we want to do and accomplish as much as possible. When we’re busy at work or at home than sometimes we have to make choices of what’s most important, and nowadays our ‘food and appearance time’ is what’s less important. We want to prepare our food and eat faster and faster. Now I found this website which has the perfect example for our fastfoodworld.


Here you can order self heating meals and drinks. Easy meals on the go, you don’t need any microwave or something, you just have to press the button on the package to start the heating process, after a couple of minutes and the food is thoroughly heated. Now you can open the box and start eating.

You can also do this with some kind of drinks. Here you can see how the package looks like from the inside.

What Self Heating Meals are available?

The current Hotbox Self Heating Food range consists of Beef Stew, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Con Carne and Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, are all currently available. They also offer Hotbox Soups and Hotshots Drinks range which includes Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino and Lemon Tea. The soup range has the following varities: Mushroom, Tomatoe and 5 Vegetable.



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