Living paintings

I always found it hard to choose my study. I finished a creative study a year ago and my interests are really broad. I always like photography at my previous study, but I didn’t like to take the pictures, I liked the results more. I am really visual oriented and always liked to watch pictures. Not only pictures, but actually all kind of art. I’m really interested in the history of art. I liked the story behind old paintings and the inspiring images from modern art. I’m a huge fan of pop art. But also in older paintings there is a story behind them. Great artists left a code or a message in their painting. That’s why I like art and photography.

Now I found an artist that acts like she’s making paintings, but actually she’s making pictures.

What it is

Alexa Meade creates her paintings directly on top of the physical subjects. When photographed, the painting and the subject appeared to be one and the same as the 3D space of her painted scenes becomes optically compressed into a 2D surface.

Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but when you watch these pictures, then you’ll understand.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Why it’s Cool

I really liked this kind of art, because it included my 2 best sources of inspiration. When you first see these pictures, you’ll think that they’re paintings. Only when you know the true story then you can see it.

I also found the opposite of this, I think it’s really special too. When you see these paintings at the wall, you’ll think that there are real people standing in front of it. But now again, you’re eyes are lying.


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