Real live selling

Nowadays we want the ability to do everything at home. We don’t always want to go out shopping, or out for eating. There are a lot of new brand that will bring their products to you. I think most of you is familiar with buying clothes online.

Normally we order from or laptop or computer, but these days there are some developments for apps (like H&M) that make it possible to order from your iPhone or other smartphone.

You will be interactive with My H&M, which features your wish list, offers and updates. They are now working on creating a online shop in your smartphone, so you can order your clothes and accessories at anyplace, anywhere.

This is instant gratification. But this is the next step:

What it is

In Sweden there’s the worlds first online shop with salespersons. When you’re shopping online you still have questions, now you can ask them immediately. When you turn on your webcam you’re actually talking to someone. They show you some products and give you a good advice.

This movie makes it more clearly.

Why it’s Cool

I visited the website and clicked on the link from 3live shop. You will be connected immediately with a salesperson. I was kind of shocked that it was already possible to try this. So I closed the screen quickly. Unfortunately it’s not an English website, but I think it is a cool way to shop at home and ask for a simple and quick advice. These businesses can handle more customers and help a lot of people. It’s a new way of giving a complete service. And it is really Cool that you’re watching at this site for Cool gadgets and this is a new and Cool way to get some advice. As you can see on the movie the screen looks really inspiring and futuristic.



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