Live on stage, but recorded

I’m a HUGE fan of Muse. Muse is known for their energetic and extravagant live performances and their mix of different music genres like rock, pop, electronica and the band is even inspired by classical music.

The band is also fascinated by themes like the revolution, science fiction and political outrage. Now I can try to convince you why I think they’re so good and tell you about all their successes they got.

One reason why I think they are Cool is because they are so innovative. Not just because of their music but also because they are so interested in the new trends and technologies An example is their Christmas gift they gave the fans last Christmas.

What is it

They gave their fans a 360 degrees video recording of Uprising and Citizen Erased, filmed at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 11th September. This means that the fans can watch their show back on their computer, and not just watch it, than can actually walk at the stage and control the cameras. They let you pick from seven different camera positions, including the 3 bandmembers’ cams. You can control the angle of the camera by dragging the video inside the viewer a full 360 degrees to watch anything you want! Interested? Here you can see it.

Why it’s Cool

I don’t have to convince myself why it’s Cool. But when the music starts, I really feel the music. I don’t know any other band that is also doing something Cool like this for their fans. They want to do something special for their fans, and this is! Muse goes a step further than other bands. They are really experimentally, in their music and also in their communication outside.

They also have another interested present for their fans. A tour programme book which is available online: this programme also uses the Augmented Reality technology. Which I’m also a fascinated of: because of the cool possibilities from the virtual layer. (More you can read in my other post: Watch tv on your own belly)

This programme brings you a 3D interactive version of the stage complete with integrated interviews. Link


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