Pop it up

Pop Up concepts aren’t very new but very popular and modern. In the city there are pop up restaurants or pop up parks which use buildings that weren’t build for them and they won’t stay long there. For example: a store that only is open for 24 hours, and some stores or restaurants that stay at the same place for a year, after that they travel to another place.

Why it’s Cool

Most of the time this pop up story is a marketing strategy, but sometimes they are very valuable. The stores or a restaurant uses buildings that are empty. This way they still are useful.

What it is

There are many kinds of pop up concepts. I have two different examples. The first video will show you a really Cool and extreme example. It is about a pop up market on the streets from Bangkok, a supreme low tech case.

The other pop up restaurant is also extreme, but then in a different way. This is the opposite of the market: a very exclusive and expensive pop up restaurant on the top of the triumphal arch in Brussels. It is a cube made of glass, so it will offer you a spectacular view over the city. Until the end of June you can visit the cube in Brussels, after that it will travel to Stockholm, Moscow and Zurich, also on a Cool building like this…

Perfect for the Urban Nomad


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