Working in the sun

The modern working force doesn’t see working as an unpleasant thing if you can do it at places you want. Today we’re busy with our work 24/7. When we don’t work at the office we are still thinking of our work and we don’t have working times from 9 to 5. Work is that important in our life that we also want to work at a pleasant environment, and this is definitely not our boring office. Many years ago we already went out of our offices and explored the coffee bar as our new office. But we don’t have any limits and we work wherever we want, today the new office is also possible in the sun.

What it is

In Amsterdam they started a sustainable initiative: ZonSpots (Dutch for Sun-Spots). These are sun-powered desks with a kind of shield on top. These shields not only protect the worker from irritating sunlight on the screen, but also collects energy at the same time. The ZonSpots will be installed in Amsterdam at serveral places.

Why it’s Cool

I think it’s Cool that they really realize this. In the Netherlands they know a lot and promise a lot for the future. But this project is really going to be executed. Finally a green project that includes benefits for everyone.

And if I ask you if you want to try these spots, than you should probably say yes. At least, that’s what my answer would be. I really would want to try this thing out because it’s a Cool combination of working and enjoying the sun. This is the perfect recipe with the ingredients green power and free internet.


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