Hock ‘n Roll

In Germany they invented a new sport that you can perform in the city. You don’t need a special place to play at, just a Hocker and a ‘playground’ in the city. They also call it extreme sitting.

What it is

The sport is called Hockern, named after the only attribute from this sport: the Hocker. This is some kind of tube with a round plastic seat on each end. You use it by flipping it around, throwing it in the air with you feet or hands and do some tricks. These trick seem to finish with sitting back down on one end of the Hocker. Again you will understand it better when you watch this movie.

Why it’s Cool

I think this is a Cool sport, first because it’s innovative and original. And it is also for everyone, it’s some kind of skateboarding. You don’t need much only guts and a Hocker. I think it’s also Cool that you can create your own Hocker, you can make this really personal.

The players from Hockern take Hockern really seriously, they always train at Wednesdays in Berlin and everyone is welcome to join. The founders are creating a whole lifestyle about it. They organize HockHart Camps, perform on festivals, create products around it like Wax, belts for carrying, a HockHart DVD and when you’ll visit their website you can see this Cool surrounding with nice pictures and movies. When you’re visiting this site you can really feel the vibe:

Hock ‘n Roll


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