Take a seat

Take a seat and let me show you how you can make normal objects special. These objects don’t take attention normally but here are 3 examples that will.

What it is

3 cool examples of Cool benches.

With this kind of bench you’re actually advertising at a very special way. A guerilla marketing way. They are using plates installed on the bench to imprint their ad on the back of bare legs. You can find these benches in New-Zealand.

This interactive bench can you find in Copenhagen.

“The bench has three different games. One game is a painting game. You paint colors on the bench without using actual paint but simply by moving your hand around on the bench. When the bench is left alone it displays the ‘paintings’, which have been made. These ‘paintings’ will also be displayed on the bench’s own Facebook profile. The second game requires more physical activity. Each board on the bench is lit up by a flashing bar code. The faster you run past the bench the more acceleration will be displayed on each board. The last game is primarily for adults, since it requires patience. When you sit down on the bench, you will see different light particles curiously approaching where you sit. They come closer and closer, and when they hit you they create a sea of light. ‘The Playful Bench’ can be explored every day when darkness falls, and is active daily from 5 pm to 10 pm. The urban space where the bench can be found is situated in Leifsgade on the stretch between Bergthoragade and Gunløgsgade.”

Would you like to have a seat on a little less colourfull bench, here you can teake a seat on a privatized bench in a public space.

The bench contains pins that prevent people from sitting on the bench unless you pay. If you want to sit on it comfortably, you have to insert   0,50. After paying, the pins will disappear. After a couple of minutes you hear a warning sound and the pins rise again.

Why it’s Cool

Normally a bench is just a bench. You don’t pay special attention to it, but these three benches do. You look at some places in the city differently just by making them special. Place these benches in your city and it will provoke positive reactions.


One response to “Take a seat

  1. I have never heard of these interesting things about seat.Especially the barcodes on the legs impressed me.
    Your blog is written very well and full of interesting, I spend hours in my office every day and read your blog in my rest time,it makes me relaxed and l like it very much.I enjoy reading your blog and hope to see more.

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