: a result of inspired activity. And the inspired activity of the week was a 4-day-trip to Berlin. Berlin: the city of culture, politics, media, and science.

It was really nice and I got some inspiration for my other blog

I’m always collecting some inspiring things, I do not always post these onto my blog, but otherwise I’m saving them for later. Most of the time I also use them at school, when we’re creating concepts and cool ideas.

My three most important inspiration sources are:

– music

– art

– cool lines and passages

I find this inspiration in museums, on the streets, from television, but most of the time I find these things on the internet. I save these pictures, music, websites, movies or artists at my computer or phone by subject. Here’s a collection of my inspiration sources from Berlin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inspiration sources of the future:

– books

– people

– cities

– more museums

Where do you get your inspiration?


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