Brain Back-Up

Dying is the only security in life. Though scientists and technologists are trying to delay or even avoid this natural thing.

I was reading the magazine ‘digital life’ and found an interesting article about people who are partial a machine. We are becoming more familiar with technology and our chances for a healthier life, this is because of  knowledge and expertise in our health sector.
Life expectancy has increased thanks to modern inventions and a better practice of medicine. We do live longer, but that is not enough. We want to survive and strive for eternal life.
We are familiar with genetic engineering: cloning and perfecting our own bodies.
Perhaps soon we will be selecting qualities, such as intelligence or good-hearted.
The first step is to save information, such as our memory. This is already possible on a computer.
The capacity and the power of computers doubles every year since 1990. Hans Moravec, a famous scientist said that about 50 years, we expect that robots can handle conform our consciousness.
If it was possible we would also back up our memories and consciousness. Will you get sick or get in an accident, don’t worry, your awareness is stored on your hard disk.
These are all predictions for the far future, but I would start watching out for viruses!


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