Tweet mirror

I’m a big fan of the concept where you can try clothes on from shops, just at home. You only need a webcam and a computer. Augmented reality is taking care of the rest. There already are some examples of it, but it can take a while untill it is possible in your own house. Only the simple versions of it are available. So you still have to go to the shops for trying clothes on.

But do you also have the problem that there is too much offer and you actually need an advice?

In Holland they’ve already introduced the tweet mirror. I read about it in the Elsevier.

What it is

A mirror which is taking pictures of you and you can choose to share this picture at Twitter or Facebook. So you can ask your friends for help and advice. It a safe way because it is your own choice to share it with friends, and nobody can steal your account because you use the Tweet Mirror account for sharing.

Here you can see how it works

Why it’s Cool

I like to go shopping by myself, but sometimes I need some advice from friends, now I can easily contact them. You already could do this with your own phone, but this is more easy, accessible and Cool. It’s also a good way for your company or brand to make some easy to spread your word.

In the Netherlands you can find these Tweet Mirrors in Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Zaandam.


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