An Electronic Second Skin

I heard about this really Cool inventing from international scientists from the USA, China and Singapore. Maybe it isn’t new for you because the scientifical magazine ‘Science’ already published an article about the electronical second skin. But it is a really innovative discovery that will mark a new era in health care and consumer electronics.

What it is

It looks like a plaster or you can even call it a tattoo. A stick-on contains flexible electronica with sensors. The plaster is thinner than human hair and has the size of a post stamp. It can bend and stretch without affecting performance. The plaster is able to monitor you heart rate and muscle movements. It is able to charge itself with mini-solar panels or electromagnetic radians. It will stitch many hours long to your skin without using any glue.

Why it’s Cool

There is so much possible with this plaster, it can replace the traditional electrodes that monitor the heart, brain and muscle activities. Scientists think that the plasters already are able to help people with throat problems, and in the future it can also help with other problems. Interested in more benefits?


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