Intimacy 2.0

Artist and architect Daan Roosegaarde is creating interactive artworks that instinctively respond to sound and movement, he works a lot with technological innovations. He is internationally known for the interactive Sustainable Dance Floor: the energy supplying dancefloor for Club Watt.

What it is

He now made an electronica cocktail dress, this dress keeps up to tune with the wearer’s heartbeat, and when your heartbeat is rising, it starts to go transparent. Intimacy is a fashion project made out of smart e-foils that become transparent based on personal interactions. This dress is called Intimacy 2.0, a really cool mix of technology and fashion.

Why it’s Cool

I saw the dress myself at STRP, Arts and Technology Festival in Eindhoven. It was already a really cool dress by itself, it seemed a bit futuristic, but wearable. But this dress gives you a really new dimension of wearing clothes. This dress is actually creating some interaction between the dress and the owner. You can’t control the dress, but the dress is telling other people something about your feelings. You communicate through the dress without saying something.


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