Like I said in my last post I went last week to Utrecht to the holidayfair. And some projection on the ground took my attention, just like it did to many visitors. This was a really attractive and outstanding example for getting attention. At the fair there were many many stands and this stand took you attention at a special way. The projected some kind of movie on the floor, it seemed kind of realistic: it was the sea with fish and coral. The fish and plants were moving just so that it seemed that you made it move when you were walking around it.

I think this is a Cool way to attract people because you stimulate the senses more than just a normal stand. The projection was right in front of you and there was no way that you could miss it. There were noises and it also seemed that you were a part of it.

When I was looking through my inspirationsites I happened to see this saved site. It was also about this way of system. It was called the EyePlay: a innovative gamingproduct what brings experience for leisure.

This is a real cool concept, which you can use for your own inspiration with imagineering, envision what other ‘movie’ you could show to us… For ideas and explanation watch this video.


In this movie the EyePlay is shown as a way of gaming, but as I said it is also perfect for an innovative and triggering marketingproduct.


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