Sweat smelling like perfume

Smelling is one of the most important ways of seducing someone. That’s why a lot of products are using a subtle sentence in their product. It is becoming more and more natural to do this, and the consumer doesn’t recognize it anymore.

Nowadays a perfume does more than just smelling nice, it raises a special effect. This goes really subtle and discrete, and that’s the way it creates temptation.

What is it

They invented a pill that is taking care for nice smelling sweat: perfume. The idea is that after you take your Swallowable Parfum pill, your skin would act as an vaporizer. When you’re sweating, you would sweat out some of this fragrance, and the stuff responsible for the actual smell would remain on your skin as the sweat disappears.

Why it’s Cool

I like the idea that instead of spraying it on the outside, you eat it and sweat it out. The inventors looked at a different manner at smelling nice, not choosing the regular way. I’m curious about the effect from mixing the smell of the perfume with the smell of your sweat!

Elsewhere, research is underway for a pill that will provide suncream and tablets to reduce grey hair, they scheduled to be launched by L’Oreal in 2015.

Watch the movie here: Swallowable perfume


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