Instagram Socialmatic Camera

I think everyone is already familiar with Instagram, it is a well-know app which is already integrated and copied by a lot of other program developers.

When you’ll read about this product, actually it’s kind of logic that this was going to appear in the market. Maybe you’re also thinking: why didn’t I come up with this?

What is it?

This interesting concept design comes from ADR Studio. They imagined the Instagram icon becoming a real life digital instant film camera – the outcome is the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. Including 16 GB storage, Wifi and Bluetooth, a touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, internal printer etc.

ImageWhy it’s Cool?

It’s a really Cool gadget, you just want to have, just to have it. Not for a particular reason. And when you use Instagram, nobody sees it, except the people that are following you. When you’re using this camera, I bet everyone wants to get in your picture. And who isn’t fantasising about printing or photoshopping his or her own pictures so you could use it for developing. Hmm maybe I should buy it, would you?Image


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