3D printed meat

Startup Modern Meadow plans to use 3D bioprinting to create an ‘edible prototype’ that’s a meat replacement.

3D printing has already been used to create running shoes, medical implants, a .22 caliber handgun and now there will be printed meat for dinner. We have always been fascinated about the idea of printing food, and now the idea of printing meat has come much closer to reality thanks to a huge donation.


What is it

So far, bioprinting has been applied to build three-dimensional tissues and organ structures of specific architecture and functionality for purposes of regenerative medicine. Here they propose to adapt this technology to building meat products for consumption. The technology has several advantages in comparison to earlier attempts to engineer meat in vitro.

Why it’s Cool?

Modern Meadow is pitching bioprinted meat as a more environmentally friendly way to satisfy a natural human craving for animal protein. If you look at the resource intensity of everything that goes into a hamburger, this would be an astonishing improvement. This would be a compassionate solution to a global problem.

Modern Meadow wants to change the way meat and leather products are produced, as well as making an impact in regenerative medicine and medical diagnostics. And as it turns out, the prospect of printing 3D meat is proving to be less of a challenge than creating functional organs. How soon would we be able to taste it? And what would be next?


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