Shopping with RFID (2)

One of the best known examples of RFID is the security tag like in this picture. This technology exists for a while now. I want you to meet RFID as your new shopping-friend. In this blog you can read about how RFID makes shopping more fun. Some of you may think: Even more? Is that possible?! YES! And also for the guys among us, this will also make shopping less boring. Yes… This is also possible…

If you want to know what RFID is, read my previous post about it.

StarHub Online Music Store made up a creative concept about fashion and music: Musical Fitting Rooms. StarHub implemented RFID in clothes and when you want to try these one something happens. When a garment is taken inside the fitting room, the RFID readers will detect the electronic tags attached to each garment. If a customer tries on, a rock-styled clothing, the RFID readers will play tracks inside the fitting room that suits the customer’s style. With over 10,000 songs covering a variety of musical genres, this combination of music, fashion, and technology turns fitting rooms into meaningful interactions with the youth market.

Due to the decreased cost in RFID equipment as well as its increased reliability rate, other retail stores are starting to take notice, and are showing interest in creating a more engaging customer experience. One department store in Shibuya, Tokyo—a famous fashion centre in Japan—uses RFID tags on hangers to manipulate images on large screens before them. When a shopper picks up a certain item, the screen displays a model wearing the selected clothing. This type of location-based marketing using digital media can make a huge impact in retail sales since each customer experience can now be highly-targeted, more interactive and more personal—an experience specific to a moment in time. If the use of RFID technology continues to be explored through these creative outlets, who knows what is next for the future of retail and consumer experience?

Imagine this: thanks to RFID technology the mirror in the fitting room knows what garments also fits with the skirt or top you wanted to try. This option will be showed in the mirror and you can virtually try this on or order it by clicking on the service-button. Not only the music suits in this setting but also the smell and colors of the lights are changing in the same mood of the garment so that the setting is really comfortably and it just makes sense. This is a smart and innovative way of thinking that will provide interaction between the customer and the clotes, it makes you happy and also the seller.


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