Sports in the Future: how it should be

Today I want to exchange some thoughts about my meaning about sports. This is a more personal blogpost than you’re used to read about. Normally I want to give you some inspiration about what is possible with technology and what you can expect in the future. But today I want to share an article about sports I read today: how should we handle sports in the future if we want to keep it real and fun.

The writer, Arjan van Veelen, called cycling ‘a Fukushima’ because of all the doping cases. (Back then the Festina affair in 1998 and now the famous Lance Armstrong doping case.) This is not just bad for cycling, but for sports in general. How pure is sport and why are you playing it, for fun or for the victory? Van Veelen had an interesting thougt about this. Where did it all go wrong? ‘When sports went professional.’ Was his answer. The rescue plan is very simple: Prohibit professional sports and stimulate amateur sports. Football was prohibited in the Netherlands till 1954. Was the game back then less thrilling? Of course not, how exciting is to see that Barcelona or Chelsea keeps on winning because of their money?

Forbidding professional sports will stimulate the people to visit and join amateur sports and sports will become close and clean again. You will be rewarded with respect and not money, sports will be more fair and sincere. Sports in your neighbourhood will become more popular, this means more social contacts and better motivation to become better (in an honest way) and have fun. Amateurism will be cool again. Each neighbourhood gets his own heroes, close and clean.


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