The nicest places on the

People are often stressed out or we are troubled with the quarterlifecrisis or midlifecrisis, name it and you know somebody who has it. Sometimes we make our lives hard and pressure ourselves to achieve higher goals and be better than anyone else.

The internet keeps us busy, but it can also provide us comfort and security. Yes, even the internet is able to act like a kind human. Here are some websites that are able to brighten us up.

Get hugs for free. Everybody needs a hug, right? Sometimes you feel bad but there is nobody in the neighbourhood to brighten you up.

There are days that we feel bad and we just need a compliment and the confirmation that you are a good and pure person. Here you can get a compliment that will definitely make you smile. This is my favorite:

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 10.24.44 AM

Even if nothing works to brighten you up, than you can try the magic button to make everything ok.




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