Digital cutlery

The IC3 concept consists of a computerized shaft with 3 interchangeable eating apparatuses; fork, spoon, and knife.

Eeach attachment does something different. The fork, for example, measures fat, protein and sugar content. The spoon? That weighs the food, while the knife takes your food’s temperature and ensures it’s safe for eating.

Then, after your meal, the IC3 synchs up with a PC or other information gathering device and produces a nutrition report, which you’ll probably follow religiously for a few weeks before falling off the wagon.


Why it’s Cool

We live unhealthy. We consume too much and don’t know what the consequences are. We have no idea what we eat and what we should eat. Diets are tough, what with the eating and drinking of beer, and that being really, really, enjoyable and all. The IC3 Intelligent Cutlery System wants to help you. This cutlery set makes you more aware of you eating pattern and could improve your quality of life.



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