The Vinyl Speaker Gadget

This is litteraly a vinyl speaker. Play your digital music with this vinyl speaker system.

What it is

It’s time to get literal in the music universe with a vinyl speaker that’s not just made out of vinyl, it’s got the look and feel of a vinyl record album as well. This conceptual design would have a 12-inch platter up on the wall with NFC technology making the connection between the amplifier inside and the smartphone in your pocket. With a simple pull of the disk you’ll also have amplified sound with a cone-shaped bit of physics on your side.


Why it’s Cool

I really like the way you can turn up the volume. The designers were really thinking out of the box and created a beautiful speaker. This gadget could be the eyecatcher (and earcatcher) of you livingroom! The design contains authentic details (the vinyl) and also some new technology specifications (NFC).



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