Earthquake Art

The Quakescape 3D Fabricator was created in response to the Christchurch earthquakes. The device takes earthquake data and transfers it into art by using a scaled down landscape of Christchurch as a “blank canvas” and extrudes paint onto the exact location of the earthquake tremors – transforming the data into functional art. Check the video to see it in action!

The device works by taking earthquake data from the site Geo-net ( and transfers it into the medium of art by using paint and Arduino technology. The surface that the paint is applied to is a landscape of Christchurch, New Zealand.

img_10_1354524858_colour-chart-printerEach color represent the various magnitudes of the tremors and is run on two horizontal axis by stepper motors powered by G-code generated through Arduino. This allows the nozzle head to be moved to the precise location of the earthquake. Once the location is determined the pigment is then pumped from the containers through the tubes and extruded out the nozzle. This is the moment where precise magnitudinal data is converted into an art-form.



Why it’s Cool

I think this is Cool because here comes nature and art together. An earthquake like this means a lot to the people in New Zealand. But they will remember it as a bad thing, the people of Christchurch should give this happening a place. By using it in art, you are able to do something with it. Something that isn’t negative but could be a creative therapy to learn to live with it. Also to outsiders this is a signal that an earthquake has an immense impact on the world.


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