Karma: the social hotspot

How many times have you turned on a connected device in a restaurant or at friends and found a list of private, locked networks, but no open Wi-Fi acces? This is the social solution. Karma: earn internet by sharing your social skills.


What it is

Karma works by returning Wi-Fi to you if you share Wi-Fi to others. Karma is amazing in that it not only offers a pay-per-use model with a 4G mobile Hotspot, but it offers something called social bandwidth. Here’s how it works:

I own a Karma hotspot. It costs me $69 for the hardware, which has a 4G connection courtesy of clearwire and lasts up to eight hours on a single charge. By buying the hardware and signing in to the network with my Facebook ID, I automatically get 100mb of free data. From there, I can buy as many GB of data as I want for $14.99 each.



Why it’s Cool

I really like the idea of karma. I believe a little bit in the saying: “What goes around comes around.” Karma is a simple and honest mobile provider that reacts on the trend of transparency. Karma is not tied to a device, or to a network, but to you. If it works, Karmou could make connecting to the Internet anywhere easier.




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