Create an erase-board-wall for your creative thoughts

Screw putting up a dry erase board in your home office — turn a whole wall into one with IdeaPaint.

ideapaintWhat it is

This ingenious paint turns anything you can paint into a reusable dry-erase surface, making it great for the office, kitchen, kid’s room, garage, a table or your bedroom. IdeaPaint is the perfect solution for every work environment. Paint an office wall or an entire conference room to create a unique space to brainstorm and present your next big idea.


Why it’s Cool

At the office IdeaPaint is perfect for your team so you can collaborate, connect and fully explore creativity. But the paint is not only Cool at the office. This is also a really Cool idea for your home, instead of painting a chalkboard on your wall you can create an IdeaPaintWall. Here are some examples for inspiration!

img-main-gallery0311 IDP_whatsnew_Nov img-main-gallery0211 img-main-gallery011-1work_ip_2



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