Happy drugs for a sweeter world

Although good human interactions and feelings always find a way to be expressed, the chaotic lifestyle we are absorbed in makes things more difficult, and the high stress levels sometimes lead people to find recovery using medications, pain-relief drugs and so on…
The market offers a complete variety of drugs that should help people recovering from a huge variety of illnesses and their symptom.

I think those symptoms are only a lack of satisfaction on a spiritual level.

Everyone thinks that they should become happier and wealthier. But I think that you should create your own happiness. Here are some good examples from designers who also think that being happy is something for yourself what you can’t solve with drugs and medicine.


Designer Valerio has created a series of alternative medicines; bottles that contain concentrated amounts of human feelings and ways of interaction such as Love, Empathy, Peace. 
The aim is to show them as a reminder of what sometimes are the only necessary things to live a better and brighter life.


The next example is an older concept, but it is still so innovative! I wish there were more stores like this: Happy pills, a candy store in Barcelona. The pictures speak for itselves. Candy as a remedy. Because this treatment is perfect for washing machines that suddenly break down, bad hair days, Monday mornings, hangovers, Monday morning hangovers and other downers.

happy5 happy6

Source: tumblr and http://design-milk.com/happy-pills/


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