Smartphones taking over lightning and sounds in concert

Musician Dan Deacon is taking over the smartphones of fans at his live performances to turn them into part of the show.


What it is

Fans attending a concert on the experimental artist’s current tour, which is promoting his recent album America, can download the app from the App Store and Google Play before they head to the venue. When the show starts, all phones running the app can be controlled. The musician can then synchronize the crowd’s phones to display the same color and make the LED lights flash in time with each other as part of the light show. Perhaps most interestingly, the smartphones can also be made to emit sound, becoming an extra instrument for the musician to play. The video below gives a demonstration of the app in action:

The app offers a new way for the audience to become a part of the show – increasing engagement – and also exorcizes the stigma attached to fans holding their phone up at a concert.

Why it’s Cool

This example sounds very familiar, like the wristbands from the Mylo Xyloto tour from Coldplay. But this idea is one step further. Dan Deacon added a new dimension to it: the sounds. This creates more experience. And the app is available for free, when you download the app, it feels like you’re really contributing something to the show. With the wristbands from coldplay it should be a surprising act (what it actually isn’t because everbody knows about it). And now you can choose to be an extra instrument in the show.


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